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Drag Race Season 2 Winner James Ross Teases Drag Return As King Tyra

Drag Race Season 2 Winner James Ross Teases Drag Return As King Tyra

Tyra Sanchez
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The Drag Race winner might be coming out of retirement.

King Tyra's return is finally upon us!

Years after winning RuPaul's Drag Race season two, James Ross - the artist formerly known as Tyra Sanchez - retired from drag due to backlash from the fans and certain controversies that took place on social media.

Now, it appears that Tyra is making a comeback under a new drag name: King Tyra. Ross shared a video on Facebook (seen below) featuring a crowd of fans and the words, "TYRA IS COMING" splattered all over. The Facebook caption reads:

"My name is James, her name is King Tyra! Tyra's drag is available exclusively only on OnlyFans. Make sure to subscribe! You don't want to miss the return of the King!"

A link to King Tyra's OnlyFans page was also included in the post.

[facebook expand=1 site_id=25879314]

The bio on Tyra's OnlyFans profile reads, "ALL HAIL THE KING." As of this writing, Tyra's OnlyFans only contains one post - a drawing of her drag persona. Tyra wrote in that first post:

"Here for nudes? LMAO! You know better than that! The King is coming back and it ain't no time for that! This probably the best d*ck pic you'll ever get! Next update in a lil bit!"

For years, it's been speculated that Ross might finally come back to the art form of drag. Alas, he seemed pretty adamant that he had left that part of his life in the past in order to pursue other creative endeavors. Now, though, it appears that Ross is ready to come back as a drag performer under this new rebranding of King Tyra.

We're eagerly awaiting to see what King Tyra is showing us next!

To see King Tyra's content, fans must subscribe to her OnlyFans page for $15/month.

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