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Basketball Arena Erupts In Applause at Zaya Wade Appearance

Dwyane and Zaya Wade.

“No one has a right to have an opinion about that sweet baby and her family, that’s the first thing,” 

There's a ton of bad opinions online about the Wade family right now. While Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union -- and the entire family honestly, older brother included -- have been showing their 12-year-old daughter the love and support she needs and deserves as they make her gender known to the world, a number of D-list celebrities with Instagram accounts have been spouting off the worst round of talking points. It's been a completely conscious decision to not cover those here and instead cover things like the massive support Zaya received just from appearing on the screen of a jumbotron.

Over teh weekend, Miami Heat officially retired Dwyane Wade's number 3 jersey, hanging it in the rafters of the AmericanAirlines Arena. To mark the occasion, the team put together atribute video featuring his wife Gabrielle Union as well as his children.

"It's a new day," Union says of the era after the jersey goes up. "We are all going to relive all of his greatest moments."

"I know that's going to be a hue moment for everyone, especially our family," Zaya adds. Before she can finish, the crowd begins to react with applause. "It's going to be kind of cool to like -- I obviously might go to another basketball game that might be here and seeing that there along with all the other banners is going to be so cool." So much support surging through that moment.

But it wasn't just the audience of that ceremony showing support this week. At the NAACP Image awards this weekend, GLAAD asked a few celebrities for their thoughts.

"I am proud that I live in a world that a Dwyane Wade can stand behind his daughter and say I am with you, I have your back," Tamron Hall said in a video clip from the red carpet. "That my son, can see a man like that support his daughter is everything for me." Others like Lena Waithe, Robin Thede, Jaboukie Young-White, and more also commented with support.

"No one has a right to have an opinion about that sweet baby and her family, that's the first thing," Yvette Nicole Brown said. "The Bible also says, take care of the plank in your eye before you fiddle with someone else's splinter, which means God is telling us that we each have our own stuff to deal with, so we don't have time to worry about what anybody else is doing."

Well, that'll preach all day.

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