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Watch What Happens When Bisexual Guys Try Grindr For the First Time

Bisexual guys try Grindr

These bi guys are on the grind.

Grindr recently shared a video on their YouTube channel featuring four bisexual men trying the dating app for the first time.

In the clip, the four men — Anton Sebel (@antonsebel), Dio Reynoso (@dioreynoso), Joshua Montoya (@joshuamontoya), and Nick Masc (@nickmasc) — were pretty curious to try Grindr for the first time and were truly excited by the many functionalities within the app. Namely, they spent some time setting up their profiles and picking out their respective “tribes,” gender, pronouns, and filters. They also discussed whether or not they’d accept naked pictures while chatting on the app.

As expected, these guys were then flooded with messages — “mostly photos” — from eager Grindr users. Reynoso received a “looking?” message and asked the group what it meant. Thankfully, Sebel was able to help out Reynoso with that one.

These guys also talked about the challenges of being bisexual. Among them, they talked about people not believing that they’re actually bisexual, as well as the challenges of dating women who might think that a bisexual guy is actually just gay. Nonetheless, this group was pretty open about their sexual preferences in the video, with each of them even declaring whether they considered themselves tops, bottoms, or versatile.

Bisexual men can have a hard time in the dating pool, but it seems like these four guys were pretty successful in their first journey into Grindr.

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