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Famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey declared that most people in the world are bisexual. Still, bisexuals have a hard go of it in the LGBTQ community. All too frequently they face bi-erasure and bi-phobia from both the gay and straight camps. Which is why we at Out bring you the best and most updated news, info, and celebrity profiles of out-and-proud bisexual figures in TV, film, music, and fashion. Trailblazers like Margaret Cho, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Anna Paquin have been major wins for bi-visibility. Come celebrate your bisexuality proudly at Out!

'Loki' Season 2 Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

The bisexual god of chaos is coming back for seconds!

Yung Miami Confirms She's Bisexual & Wants to 'Smash' Megan Thee Stallion

The two rappers have been flirting back and forth for quite some time now.

The Comic That Introduced Us to Bisexual Robin Just Got Cancelled

DC Comics had initially hoped the Tim Drake: Robin series would be a “breakthrough for representation in comics.”

Alison Brie Casually Came Out as Bisexual

The actress just had the most casual coming out ever.

David Archuleta Is Now a Muscle Gym Hunk & We Have Pics to Prove It

The singer has come a long way since his stint on American Idol.

Alan Cumming Hands Back OBE, Cites British Empire's 'Toxicity'

The bisexual actor addressed his issues in a lengthy post on his Instagram.

Lil Nas X Tweets About Possibly Being 'A Little Bisexual'

The Grammy-winning rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

'Heartstopper' Star Kit Connor Is Officially an Emmy Winner

The bisexual actor is about to add some serious hardware to his trophy case!

Margot Robbie Has Been Wanting a Live-Action Harlivy Romance For Years

The Oscar-nominated actress knows exactly what the people want — because she wants it too!

11 Celebrities Who Came Out As Bisexual in 2022

This year, bi visibility has been increasing in Hollywood — and beyond!

Kit Connor Says We Need More Bisexual Representation—And He's Right

“It’s a huge community but we really don’t get much representation,” the Heartstopper actor said.

Keke Palmer Wants You to Know She's a 'Sub Girl'

The actress opened up about her sex life (and her love for girl-on-girl porn) during a recent interview on the Whoreible Decisions podcast.

'Heartstopper' Star Kit Connor Comes Out As Bisexual

The 18-year-old actor publicly came out, returning to Twitter amidst accusations he was "queerbaiting."

Emily Ratajkowski Seemingly Comes Out As Bi in New TikTok Video

It looks like the model and actress used that viral, green velvet couch TikTok trend to make a statement about her sexuality! 

Shay Mitchell Seemingly Comes Out As Bi in New TikTok

The actress and model’s new post on TikTok makes that pretty clear.

Watch What Happens When Bisexual Guys Try Grindr For the First Time

“With girls it’s much harder than with guys.”

'House of the Dragon' Fans Think This Character Might Be Bisexual

A deleted scene is having fans question Daemon Targaryen's sexuality.