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Grindr Is Now Allowing More Butts on Public Profile Pics


If you’ve been seeing a lot more skin on Grindr lately, it’s not your imagination. The popular queer hookup and dating app recently updated its community guidelines to allow users to publicly show off more of their cheeks!

In a post on their official blog posted earlier this month, Grindr said the change was the result of a desire to be more inclusive and affirming of the diversity of bodies types and genders of their users. The policy update has resulted in a cornucopia of butt cheeks on users' public profile pics on the app.

“When creating our rules and guidelines, we concentrated first on ways to remove bias and discrimination from the moderation process as much as possible,” Grindr said in its blog post announcing the change. “We recognize that assessments of how sexual a photo is can be influenced by common gender biases: how much skin someone shows, how much body hair they are expected to have, how the fat on their body is distributed, etc.”

There is still some content not allowed on users' public profile images, such as pornographic images, depictions of sex acts, and full frontal or graphic nudity.

But what is permitted now are butt pics “if they are non-graphic and without an overly sexual context” and “people of all bodies (all ethnicities, all sizes, all genders, and all identities) expressing their sexuality joyfully” as they hook up.

Rather than just leave questions about what is and is not permitted regarding depictions of butts on users’ public profiles, Grindr also provided some handy illustrations and concise tips!

Plenty of Full Moons Rising With Grindr’s New Butts Allowed Guidelines

Plenty of Full Moons Rising With Grindr’s New Butts Allowed Guidelines

“Allowed: Hey, look at me, don’t I look attractive and like you might want to have sex with me some time?” the site states.

“Not allowed: Hey, I bet this image makes you imagine yourself in this exact scenario with me having sex just like this..."

Last November, Grindr announced underwear pics would be permitted. A blog post noted previous guidelines banning underwear pics made little sense since Grindr permitted skimpy speedo pics.

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