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Yes, Luke Macfarlane Has Been on Grindr

Luke Macfarlane in Bros

You might’ve seen Luke Macfarlane on Grindr and thought it was a catfish. Well, it wasn’t.

Macfarlane’s character (Aaron) and Billy Eichner’s character (Bobby) spend a considerable amount of time scrolling through Grindr in the upcoming gay rom-com Bros. In the trailer, the two characters are even seen meeting up in person at a club.

During a recent interview with Variety, Macfarlane admitted to having been on Grindr in the past. The actor described his experience:

“It’s all very scary.”

Macfarlane then talked about his experiences getting ready to film Bros, as well as the sex scenes he has with Eichner in the film. According to Macfarlane, he trained with former Abercrombie & Fitch model Tyler Lough to get “jacked” over the years.

“I was doing Brothers & Sisters and it was coming near the end and I thought to myself, ‘Boy, I really want to change what I look like.’ And Tyler helped me with that.”

In 11 years, Macfarlane gained 25 pounds of muscle in order to achieve his current physique.

And when it comes to shooting gay sex scenes with such an irreverent comedian like Eichner, Macfarlane explained that they were all choreographed by an LGBTQ+ intimacy coordinator. Macfarlane recalled:

“I think there was a moment when Billy was like, ‘Should we spit on each other?’ I was like, ‘Nope.’”

Bros opens September 30 only in theaters.

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