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Five Burning Questions We Have for 'Elite' Season 2

Five Burning Questions We Have for 'Elite' Season 2


Netflix announced on Instagram that the LGBTQ series has been renewed for a second season! 

Elite, Netflix's unexpected LGBTQ hit series, was just renewed for season two.

This news isn't surprising - according to The Binge Report, Elite reigns as the most streamed show since its release, even though it received homophobic backlash, to which Netflix and fans immediately flooded haters with rainbow flag emojis.

In just shy of two weeks, the series has built a strong and loyal international fan base, captivating audiences with its storylines of love, sex, theft and death. As we obsessively rewatch the series and impatiently wait for season two, we can't help but think about what season one left unanswered. Here's what we're dying to know on Elite's next season:

(Major spoilers below!)

The Future of Omander

Ander and Omar tugged our heartstrings as their rapid romance unraveled on screen. We even got to see these studs come out to themselves and friends throughout the series. We know Ander's parents are aware and seem to be OK with the fact that he's gay. Omar, coming from a religious Muslim, working-class family, faced his father's homophobic rage when Ander's mom outed him. Unable to bare the thought of coming out to his family, Omar denied his sexuality, despite knowing very well that he was truly in love with Ander.

As the season ended, we know that Omar is grounded, and his father is aggressively searching for a potential wife for him. The only time Omar and Ander can be together throughout the summer is the ten minutes a day that Omar's father spends going to the bank. Will that be enough to keep their steamy love alive? Or will Ander, who will hopefully be freed from his tennis prison, have more time to explore his sexuality by cruising other guys?

Polo's Sexuality

There are probably more pressing Polo-related questions we have for season two, like, does he cave and confess that he killed Marina; or, does he fight to win Carla back from Christian? But as his longtime girlfriend -- now ex-- so eloquently put it, "I think you like boys." It's a strong assumption, considering it was his idea for Carla to seduce and have sex with the handsome, class clown Christian. As he watched his girlfriend get fucked by another guy, viewers across the world asked "WHY?" Oh, we know why. As their polyamorous relationship furthered, so did Polo's hots for Christian. Why else would he falsely promise Christian a magazine cover in exchange for a blowjob?

Season two will come with a lot of baggage for Polo. We'll see if his sexuality is one more thing he needs to keep under wraps from his friends and lesbian mothers.

Christian's Loyalty

Next season is sure to put the spotlight on Christian. After all, he and Carla are the only ones who know Polo killed Marina. He's largely conflicted. On one hand, the working-class scholarship student finally has an "in" with the elite crowd, and on the other, his best friend Nano has been wrongly accused and arrested for the death of Marina. He spent the first season chasing Carla, and now he finally has her, but it comes with the price of protecting Polo.

Carla will play a key part dictating how Christian navigates the situation. Season two will test Christian and reveal whether his loyalties lie with his roots or opportunistic future.

Nano's Prison Debt

We don't really know why the reckless, "bad boy" was in prison at the start of season one, but we do know Nano was released with a price to pay. Most of the first season follows his run-ins with the gang members who protected him in prison, and are now seeking compensation. Why he needed so much protection is unclear to us, but we watched Nano reach extreme measures to pay off his debt, such as almost murdering a drug dealer also indebted to his "protectors."

With Nano likely starting season two behind bars, we're excited for this storyline to unfold, hopefully introducing the characters who protected him in prison.

What's Next for Marina?

Marina is dead, but will the memory of her character fade? We've seen Netflix keep deceased characters heavily involved in storylines (a la Hannah Baker in season two of 13 Reasons Why), so it's not completely out of the question. Marina played a crucial role in season one's development, and there are still so many stories left untold. We're begging to know what caused her need for rebellion against the norm of Spain's elite. Why was she having second thoughts about escaping to Morocco with the father of her child? Did she even like Samuel? And did she give Nano HIV?

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