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Elite Receives Homophobic Backlash, Netflix Responds with Rainbows


If you haven't tuned into Netflix's new teen drama series, Elite, you're missing out on what's being described as the new Gossip Girl. And it includes a steamy gay storyline between Omar and Ander that has LGBTQ fans clutching their pearls.



The only thing I want is to be with you. #Omander

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But since we can't have anything nice, it's no surprise that the show has come with its fair share of backlash. Homophobes have taken to social media to express their disgust with the show and its inclusion. After posting a still of Ander and Omar to Instagram, Netflix received a few hateful comments.

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“Get the fuck off my Instagram. Not ever person on the planet is gay. You are trying way too hard,” commented one user with the handle, @judas_priest12321.



Netflix was having none of that. The streaming platform responded to the comment with a sea of rainbow emojis, and wrote, "sorry couldn't read your comment while surrounded by all these beautiful rainbows."

Someone give that social media editor a raise!

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