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The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: 'Divine Inspiration'

The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: 'Divine Inspiration'

divine inspiration

Stink Flamingos, or Female Impersonator Trouble


Trixie's back and the goils have some definite opinions on it, meanwhile, Pearl's ambivalence is as tired as your grandma during the second half of Dancing with the Stars.

To release some tension -- or to turn it the fuck up for kicks -- Ru brings out the shade(s) for reading hour.


The Pubic Library


Nearly every queen manages to get a good read going...

ginger read

violet read

Except humor-challenged Miss Fame

fame flat

Though Pearl really tried it when she forgot whose show she was (barely) on.

pearl ru read

And don't think I didn't clock Kennedy's Paris Is Burning rip-off.

baboon's ass

What's the matter, are you going through it?


But in the end, Trixie nabbed the golden library card.

american apparently not

Which I'm assuming was stuffed in one of these Weaven Steven stunners.

weaven steven

Divining Women

Before closing the library, Ru gave the queens a little herstory lesson about the first drag superstar and John Waters muse, Divine.


In yet another complex comedy challenge, the gals had to divide into three teams to star in screen tests inspired by classic John Waters flicks. From the get-go, we know which team is not going to fare too well.


Stuck with each other and clearly out of their depth, The Plastics realized they were in for an uphill battle -- and sadly no one brought their hiking stilettos.


Meanwhile, Kennedy and Katya brought down not only the house but also a Christmas tree.

cha cha heels

And Ginger and Trixie scrambled, fried and chewed up the scenery.


The RuVeal

Putting the "icon" in iconography.


Guest judge and man of the hour John Waters approved in his usual charmingly smarmy way.

john waters

While other guest judge Demi Lovato showed up with a two-tone high ponytail laid to the side so she was obviously ready to work.

demi shade

The Runway

The cateogry is: The Ugliest Dress Ever. Leading Ru to offer this rare bit of advice.

fuck it up

Kennedy's take was Old Church Lady Who Needs Jesus, or at the Very Least, Support Hose


Trixie is in a drop-waist, off-the-shoulder 80s party-prom dress which is everything I live for so call me crazy.


Katya, unsurprisingly, delivered the ugly...


And her looks continued to have the best backstories.

katya mastrantonio

Pearl missed the mark and looked adorable in her Wednesday Addams Japanese Schoolgirl Tease.


If Pearl missed the mark, Fame wasn't even aiming to begin with since she might have looked the best she's looked this season.


Don't show up looking flawless in what's essentually a gorgeous tent and try to call it anything but, or John Waters will read you down.

ugly lessons

Violet Chacki owned the runway serving Phyllis Diller starring as Carol Channing in a late-70s South Beach revival of Hello, Dolly!


But thanks to her tour de force screen test, Ginger Minj won her third challenge.


I can't wait to see what she's going to do with her wig wardrobe from...

weaven steven 2

And the Bus She Was Ridden Over On

It was that time again, when Ru asked the other queens who deserved to be sent home. Kennedy provided the most sound argument I've heard in a long time.


After Fame was thrown under the bus, nearly every other queen jumped on to catch a ride the hell outta there before she and Pearl had to underwhelm the judges.

fuck all these bitches

Life-Giving Lip Sync Moment

Honestly, I was hoping Ru would send both Pearl and Miss Fame home since they had easily the most boring lip sync this season, if not ever. They were tasked with performing Demi's hit, "Really Don't Care" -- which is exactly how I felt about it.

lip sync finger

Where was this enthusiasm during your performance, Pearl?

pearl knee

Coasting on your knees.

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- because clearly the struggle is real.

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