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The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: 'Conjoined Queens'

The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: 'Conjoined Queens'

conjoined queens

Siamese Nightmare, or, These Trixies Aren't for Kids

everyone's back

RuPaul has pulled some stunts in her day, but none as great -- or nerve-racking -- as last night's episode. Instead of wheeling a giant box o' Shangela out to throw the queens off their game, Mama Ru brought back all seven eliminated queens and paired them with the current crop of contestants. The stakes were high with the eliminated queen from the winning team earning the spot vacated by the queen on the losing team. Needless to say, the girls who didn't get sent home were not having any of this.

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The Mini-Challenge: 25 to Giving LIFE

orange is the new drag

To soften the blow of essentially going back to square one, Ru brought out perennial favorite, Latrice Mother Fucking Royale and one of her many iconic catchphrases.


Though I think she'd take those nuts to go this time around.


The queens were given 20 minutes to sissy their jailbird jumpsuits, which gave us this glorious prison fashion show. What's the tea, Ginger? Oh right, those earrings.

wide receiver

Pearl never met a bar of soap that didn't need dropping.

lil bitch

Katya was causing a prison Pussy Riot.


I'll be checking my local Claire's for these gorgeous handcuff doorknockers.

lil bitch

Paris Hilton's chola cousin decided to straddle the catwalk.

sad pink eyes

Even though she didn't have that much orange in her final prison couture look, Kennedy -- along with her side ponytail and ashy knees -- won.

ho'n good stuff

The RuVeal


The Glamazon Diana, Princess of Paradise Island

Two Heads Are Better Than One...

trixie judges

This had to be one of the most technically complicated challenges in Drag Race herstory and it could easily have gone south. That it didn't is a testament to this season's queens. Sure, there may not be a single standout as in past seasons, but that's because this was literally anyone's game.

Well, anyone but Jaidynn, who was finally put out of her misery this episode.

jaidynn tempest

She and Tempest tried it with their Maxxinista disco diva approach, but it just wasn't up to par with the other gals.

I mean, this otherwise flawless look was ripped apart for retreading tired -- albeit still youthful-looking -- territory .

fame kandy

Kennedy tried to do right by her sister Jasmine, but these two pageant queens were lethally beautiful just not Drop Dead Gorgeous.

kennedy jasmine

Fun fact: Max and Violet have a combined waist of 27".

violet max

Ginger managed to corral Sasha into this Peggy Bundy by way of John Waters ensemble

ginger sasha

While Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis were serving Fran and Sylvia way of Peg Bundy

katya kasha

They also had the best (shall we say) "connection" of the conjoined twins

at the vagina

But the winners -- to the relief of the internet -- were Pearl and Trixie Mattel

pearl trixie

Trixie finally brought the Funny -- with a capital F, mind you -- giving her a much-deserved second chance from the girl who originally sent her home.


While Pearl got easily the most practical prize ever in Drag Race.

practical prize

No feather accoutrements or BDSM gowns for you, Pearl. You're getting a responsible future instead.

But How Is Your Head?

If you've been keeping up with these GIF-caps over the past few weeks -- A. good for you -- you'll know how frustrating it's been to see Ru lob that same old "How's your head?" joke at Miss Fame, who somehow always seemed to miss it -- leaving it to serial MVP Michelle Visage to ally-oop it home.

Well after a dressing-down in the workroom, Ru gave her one more chance to appease the comedy gods.

how's your head 3

It wasn't the greatest punchline delivery, but at least it wasn't still-born.



Since Bea Arthur's untimely passing, there have been very few people who can live up to her deadpan delivery, but I'd just like to give Ru her tens for getting out these absurd critiques with a, er, straight face.


And this glorious haiku in the making

womp womp

Life-Saving Lip Sync Moment

nelsan gag

As I mentioned before, Jaidynn had to go. Three times and you are out. Besides, she never stood a chance once Ginger and Sasha took the girl-titties off and brought the boy-titties out.

Guest judges Nelsan "Lafayette" Ellis and LeAnn "Homewrecker" Rimes were gagging.

leann gag

Meanwhile, lifelong BFFs Ru and Michelle were having the kiki of their lives.


They have fun.

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- getting those nuts away from Latrice's face.

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