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Conservatives Are Mad That the Barbie Movie Is 'Woke' & 'Promotes Trans Agenda'

Conservatives Are Mad That the Barbie Movie Is 'Woke' & 'Promotes Trans Agenda'


Fox News pundits complain that Barbie abandons its core audience to "instead focus on LGBTQ+ stories."

While Barbie may be the most anticipated movie of the year, some people aren’t looking forward to it.

Fox News, the old Far Right stalwart, has reported that the upcoming Barbie movie has gone “woke.”

Fox is promoting a warning from Christian movie review site Movieguide that warns the movie abandons “its core audience of families and little girls to instead focus on LGBTQ+ stories.”

While there are several out actors in the cast, there are no characters in the movie who are shown to be members of the LGBTQ+ community. There are certainly no LGBTQ+ stories in the film.

A guest on Fox News complained that the movie was the “most insidious packaging of feminist cliches and trans grooming that you have ever seen.” She said her two daughters were excited to see the movie, but as she’s learned more, she decided she won’t let them see the movie.

“I found out last week — they somehow didn’t let anyone know this in the marketing campaign — one of Barbie’s main three sidekicks is, surprise surprise, a man,” referencing trans actress Hari Nef, who plays one of many Barbies in the movie. She has been included in all the marketing campaigns for the film and her character is not trans.

“Is nothing sacred? There aren’t a lot of movies that appeal to little girls and now this is off the list,” she continued. “I don’t know what they were thinking? They just gave Barbie the Bud Light treatment,” she said, predicting that the studio would pay for its decision.

Fox also took a quote from Out’s recent cover story featuring Hari Nef.

“As much as there’s a celebration of femininity and being a girl in this [movie], I think there’s also an encouragement of letting go of the checklist we ascribe to living and living your life and being in your body your way, on your own terms,” Nef said.

Fox paints this as a bad thing.

Barbie is expected to earn over $100 million dollars in its opening weekend and is getting widespread acclaim. It hits theaters this Friday, July 21.

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