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Pat Robertson, Televangelist Who Said Gays Caused 9/11, Dead at 93

He also claimed that accepting homosexuality caused hurricanes, tornadoes, and meteors.

Ted Cruz Condemned Ugandan Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws & the Internet Was Shook

Of course, conservatives are reacting with ludicrous cries of "globalism" and "pedophilia."

Hayley Kiyoko Defies TN Police, Features Drag Queens At Concert

Before the concert, Kiyoko was told that including drag queens in her concert “could result in legal action.”

Lady Gaga Is Co-Chairing the President's Committee on Arts & Humanities

President Biden has selected Mother Monster!

This Instagram Account Is Turning Anti-LGBTQ+ Republicans Into Drag Queens

Artificial intelligence technology is being used in the most ru-larious way!

Gay Russian TikTokers Arrested, One Deported for 'LGBTQ+ Propaganda'

Gela Gogishvili and his boyfriend Haoyang Xu were recently arrested for their TikToks and YouTube videos.

Ex-Judge & OnlyFans Creator Speaks Out About Being Fired

“The most vulnerable members of the queer community are fighting for their lives, and the only people offended by my tweets are those more interested in policing language than opposing policies and politics which kill.”

Pres. Joe Biden Sends Message of Support on Trans Day of Visibility

"We’ll never stop working to create a world where you won’t have to be brave just to be yourself.”

Anti-LGBTQ+ Politician Caught Commenting on Gay Man's Sexy Instagram Pics

Tennessee's Lt. Governor Randy McNally has supported the state's recent anti-drag and anti-trans bills.