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Remember when Glenn Close & Amy Adams played J.D. Vance's family in a Razzie-nominated movie?

While Hillbilly Elegy is a terrible film, Vance would be an even worse Vice President.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to call out a drag queen & she majorly flopped

Greene's comments on drag queens prove she can't tell women from men.

'Doctor Who' star David Tennant is getting criticized for telling an anti-trans politician to 'shut up'

The gender of a bigot does not protect them from being called a bigot. That's not misogyny, that's human decency.

'Stranger Things' star Noah Schnapp opens up after 'Zionism is sexy' controversy

The out actor is breaking his silence about his stance on the Israel-Hamas war.

Homophobic Right Wingers Are Mad 'CoComelon Lane' Featured Two Gay Dads

Don't conservatives have anything better to complain about than children's cartoons?

Another Gay Congressional Staffer Filmed Having Sex in a Capitol Building

These gays, they’re trying to have sex in a government building!

Ziwe's George Santos Interview Is Finally Out & Yes, It's Absolutely Insane

At one point during their chat, the disgraced former congressman even asks "Who the hell is James Baldwin?"

27 Memes About the Senate Hearing Room Gay Sex Scandal That Will Have You Cackling

Leave it to people on social media to make fun of a ridiculous situation after a video of two men having sex in a U.S. Senate hearing room went viral!

Watch This Christian TikToker Get Schooled in Viral Video About LGBTQ+ Rights

Now THIS is how you shut down trolls IRL!

George Santos Demands Jimmy Kimmel Pay Him $20K for Airing His Cameos on TV

"Can you imagine if I get sued by George Santos for fraud?" Kimmel asked.

Ziwe Is Facing Backlash For Wanting to Interview George Santos

Would the interview be a gag? Or just a flop?

George Santos Claims He's Not Afraid of the 'Gay Inc Mafia'

Once again, George Santos said something unintentionally hysterical.

This Trailer For a 'Comedy' Film About Trans Athletes Is the Worst Thing We've Ever Seen

We're more bothered by the lack of talent and skill in this movie than by the transphobia.

Watch This Texas Democrat Leave Republicans Speechless When He Uses The Bible Against Them

“I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why is having a rainbow in a classroom is indoctrination and not having the Ten Commandments in a classroom,” Texas State Rep. James Talarico argued in a now viral video.

Watch 'SNL' Epicly Drag George Santos For Spending Campaign Money on OnlyFans

“Of course I’m gay, Colin. I invented being gay,” Bowen Yang as George Santos said. “I was the one at Stonewall who said, ‘Here’s an idea you guys should kiss.’”

George Santos Spent a Lot of Money on Designer Goods, Botox & OnlyFans

The House Ethics Committee’s report unveils U.S. Rep. George Santos’s misuse of campaign funds, including spending on OnlyFans, as Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia continues to call for his expulsion.

​This New Queer Horror Film Is a Fun Middle Finger to Florida's Anti-Drag Laws ​

Eric Swanson & Erynn Dalton's Big Easy Queens is a spooky delight and a revolutionary act.

Music Fests Introduce 'Kill Switch' After The 1975's Controversial Same-Sex Kiss

Organizers of live events in Malaysia are now being told to use a "kill switch" method to discourage controversial behavior from music acts.

We're Cackling At All the Memes About Kevin McCarthy's Removal

Kevin McCarthy's detractors wasted no time celebrating his removal as Speaker of the House. Here are our favorite memes as Congress crumbles.

Jonathan Van Ness Shuts Down Megyn Kelly's Transphobic Bullying

"Advocating for trans inclusion in sports and trans rights does not take away from women's rights."