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Lily Collins Set to Star in Polly Pocket Film Following Barbie Success

Lily Collins Set to Star in Polly Pocket Film Following Barbie Success

Lily Collins (L) and Margot Robbie (R)
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Mattel is planning a whole cinematic universe centered around their toys!

Two years before Barbie became the must-see movie of the summer, Mattel was planning a movie based on another of their beloved toys: Polly Pocket.

Lena Dunham was set to write and direct the family film and Lily Collins had signed on as the producer and star.

The plans for the film haven’t become more concrete in the years since the announcement, but given that Barbie is a smash hit and Mattel just announced they want to create a toy cinematic universe — because apparently everyone needs one — it’s possible we’ll see Polly Pocket grace the silver screen soon.

Based on the internet virality and box office success of Barbie, Mattel is now planning a full cinematic universe that will include 14 announced movies and 45 more films the toy behemoth has waiting in the wings. They’re planning to make movies based on properties like Barney, American Girl, Thomas & Friends and even toys like Magic 8 Ball and View Master.

In 2018, Mattel hired businessman Ynon Kreiz as the new CEO in response to dwindling toy sales. Kriez wanted the famed toy company to focus less on new toys and more on their already existing, recognizable IP in order to create a cinematic universe.

The success of Barbie means that Mattel is going full steam ahead with their plans. The film grossed an unbelievable $380 million worldwide in its first five days in theaters which means it’s likely that there will be Barbie sequels in the future. Director Greta Gerwig has said that she’s not planning on a follow up, but Kreiz recently told Variety that they have big plans for the famous doll.

“Barbie, as a brand, has many different iterations,” Kreiz said. “The product lines of Barbie is a very broad brand. In addition to the main Barbie figure, she has family, she has a lot of elements around in her universe.”

He added, “Successful movies lend themselves to more movies. Our ambition is to create film franchises.”

Other than the Lily Collins-led Polly Pocket film, JJ Abrams is set to produce a Hot Wheels movie, there are plans for Vin Diesel to star in a Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots movie, a family comedy based on the American Girl dolls is in the works, West Side Story actor Kyle Allen is set to star as He-Man in a Masters or the Universe film, and World War Z director Marc Forster is going to direct a fantasy film based on Thomas & Friends. Tom Hanks is even attached to a Major Matt Mason movie!

But of all the ones we know about so far we are the most excited about Barney being turned into a feature film. Yes, the purple dinosaur with the theme song that lodged itself in your brain during childhood and never let go. It’s being produced by Nope star Daniel Kaluuya and Mattel has previously described it as a live-action “A24-type” of “surrealistic” movie — yes, please!

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