'Vogue' Releases Full Digital Archive for $1,575

'Vogue' Releases Full Digital Archive for $1,575

Yesterday morning while most people were nursing hangovers with copious amounts of Vita Coco or enjoying some extra shuteye, I was up early sitting on my couch in my nicest suit watching the CBS Sunday Morning News. Perhaps you're scratching your head and wondering A. why I was doing this and B. if there is anyone on Earth with a sadder existence. The answers? A. Anna Wintour would be talking about her latest project on the program—the launch of Vogue's entire archive on the web and B. no. 

To keep up with the times, Vogue is now offering every page from every issue online via their website. This means every feature story, illustration, article of clothing, advertisement, and picture will be at your fingertips (that is if you're willing to throw down the paltry sum of $1,575 each year for the honor). You can read articles from the first issue (December 1832, when the magazine was a weekly pamphlet aimed at New York City socialites) to Anna Wintour's first issue at the helm (November 1988, featuring jeans on the cover—gasp!) and everything in between and beyond. In case you were wondering, you now know what is on top of my holiday wish list. 


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