WATCH: Trailer for Love Bytes Web Series

WATCH: Trailer for Love Bytes Web Series

Writer-director Tonnette Stanford and her sister Victoria Stanford are the Australian filmmakers behind the new nine-part web series Love Bytes.

At last, a show that hones in on gay online dating. The show centers on three housemates and their dating disasters in and around the sordid world of online dating.

"Jade is a lesbian and is on the prowl for sexy ladies; Michael is gay and looking for a long-term, cashed-up lover, whilst Stacey struggles to move on from her toxic ex-boyfriend, Will," as they explain in the to-the-point synopsis.

"I have wanted to make a queer web series for a long time and there are so many fantastic queer dating stories out there that I felt compelled to write a show that features dating from a lesbian and gay perspective," Tonnette explains. "We’re often denied dignity on screen in the way we’re represented, so I felt it was important for me to get out there and continue to tell our stories to the wider community."

"The show is fun, sexy and hilarious," Victoria adds. "There’s a lot of situations in there that will be very familiar to audiences and we hope that they can have a good laugh at the absurdity of the queer dating world that we’ve all been through!"

The two pilots for Love Bytes—complete with sexy accents and fake photos—will be released September 27 via YouTube alongside a crowd-funded campaign to raise money for the remaining seven episodes.

In the meantime, check out the two teaser trailers below. The first features an oiled-up make-out sesh and the second centers around a search for a ring lost in the most unusual place. 

Watch the first trailer, "Herpes of the Lips" below:

And the second trailer for "Grandam's Ring":

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