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Andrew Shirvell Makes a Fool Out of Himself on The Daily Show

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Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell sure has some 'splaining to do. In a classic, but decidedly bizarre, case of the pot calling the kettle black, Shirvell -- who started the blog Chris Armstrong Watch dedicated to 'exposing' lurid and falsified information about University of Michigan's gay Student-Body President Chris Armstrong-- is now saying that he's the one being bullied. This is one of those situations that we can't really wrap our minds around and is so rife with idiocy and irony that we would usually dismiss such a silly notion, but Shirvell wen't one further by appearing on The Daily Show to discuss his tragic circumstance. Score!

In the clip above, Shirvell explains that he's been the victim of many threats, yet seems perplexed as to why everyone is interpreting his blog (which is solely focused on exposing awful, and oftentimes completely fabricated, gossip about Armstrong) is being perceived as bullying. He even seems a bit unclear as to the actual legal definition of cyber-bullying, even though he actually worked in the office that created said definition. Listen, not that we should give it, but our advice to you is to zip your lip and stay out of the public's eye for a while. You're not doing yourself any favors by going on national television and speaking up for yourself, that much is clear. As Mark Twain said, "It's better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you're a fool than open it and remove all doubt."

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