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The Boys of True Blood: Lafayette Reynolds

Courtesy HBO

Name: Lafayette Reynolds

And he is ....? Did you even KNOW he had a surname? Neither did we. To us he's just (and there's no "just" about this man) Lafayette the cook at Merlot's, hustler, dealer and general sweet bad boy. He's not had it easy -- Lafayette spent a chunk of last season chained up in Eric's charnel house basement. He also wins points for making Jason Stackhouse dance naked for a home video. Things are complicated for Lafayette: he has Tara to look out for, his crazy mom in a home and now Jesus on the scene... Jesus the nurse, not the son of God. Or IS he...hmmmm?

Hotness: Utterly. A body to die for, and the gayest thing in Bon Temps, or indeed for about 1,000 miles in any direction. Very tough, totally bitchy and is our hero for the classic "AIDS burger" scene, plus a dozen others. We love him, we do.

Gayness: Yes, out and proud, and yet also oddly shy. On the one hand way back he was shagging that fat old gentle vamp in return for V, on the other hand he's pretty nervous about getting it together with Nurse Jesus.

Keep him around-ness: If you don't we won't watch again. He's possibly the best thing in it, except for Eric Northman of course. And he's got a load of good luck coming his way, surely? But then again Nurse Jesus is not what he seems, so who knows ...

-- G. EARL

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