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The Boys of True Blood: Russell Edgington

Courtesy HBO

Name: Russell Edgington

And he is ....? The vampire King of Mississippi. That's King with a K, as well as with a huge but lowercase q -- for queen. Russell is ancient (3,000, he claims) and very slick and urbane, but also a vicious old git, and so rather scary. He despises all humans and has plans to take over the world. Mind you, given he's been at it for 3,000 years and not managed yet, we're probably safe enough. Oh, and he employs a pack of werewolves.

Hotness: Not so hot. Russell had the misfortune to be turned when already kinda old and scrawny, so he's been a creepy daddy for three millennia. Unlucky. But he does have a certain charm, and is very powerful and rather witty. So let's revise that to "a wee bit hot", when angry.

Gayness: Completely. He's been married to Talbot for seven centuries, and even takes time mid-drama to nip upstairs and give his hubby a good seeing-to soothe things down after they argued. He then strides back into the room, pleased as punch, buckling his pants again. He is also maneuvering to marry an insane vampire queen as an obvious power grab, which is SO old-European.

Keep him around-ness: Please, yes. Though we have a bad feeling about it. Bill already tried to kill him, and we know Eric wants to, so really, we're not betting on Russell being around past the end of season 3.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

-- G. EARL

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