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Maroon 5 Kicks Off Tour, Shrugs Off Doubts

He even made small talk with us during the commercial break and knew how to command an audience when he told everyone to sit or clap their hands in the air.

The 31-year-old rocker definitely does it hard, his shirt soiled with the filth of his life's work and the thrill of a million-plus viewing audience. "Give a Little More," off the band's new album, turned me on with it's lyrics and energy that got everyone bobbing their heads. During his narrative for "The Sun," the guitar riffs sent my hamburger deluxe into a tumult, churning every sensation and passageway in my chest cavity. Crooning some combination of "Some People Want It All" and "What's Love Got to Do With It," the boy definitely has soul and looks like he's enjoying his ass off. He tells the crowd that some people didn't think he could do it vocally, but that he did it anyway, damn it. And then he said "shit" on live television!

Levine's a sexy gazelle that prances around the stage with his guitar, his body giving birth to musical notes you wouldn't expect from some white guy with tattoos up his arms. But then again, maybe you had to have been there. As the countdown to their inevitable encore progressed, I never would have thought it would include "This Love" because the rest of the set was so fulfilling I never missed it, for the most part. There were some instances where Levine sounded muffled and his dance steps over-used, but this was never an overall deterrent. All of this is in anticipation of Maroon 5's album and tour for "Hands All Over" due to hit stores in September. Levine has been quoted as saying this is the music he always wanted the make, and for me, this is the music I've always wanted to hear from Maroon 5.

For an encore performance, tune in to Fuse Sunday, August 1 at 8 p.m. Check your local listings for availability. For a list of concert venues, click here.

-- Justin McCraw

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