Amtrack is Not fabulis (or, Apparently, Fabulous, Either)

First Citibank blocks fabulis, a new social networking site that "connects gay men with amazing experiences down the block and around the world," for "objectionable content" (we're guessing the banking company thinks Fabulis is some kind of skeevy porn site?) and now Amtrak is following suit.

Recently, when using Amtrak's free wireless service on a trip from New
York City to Washington D.C., a rider received the above error message after trying to load fabulis. and were also blocked
but and managed to sneak through.

While we love a bit of porn as much as the next gay -- and we're sure some of fabulis's users feel the same way -- there's nothing even remotely salacious about the new social networking site. Let's help get fabulis unbanned on Amtrak (and anywhere else, for that matter) -- head here and take a moment to send Amtrak a hysterically angry note.

And then calm and reward yourself for fighting institutionalized homophobia by joining fabulis.

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