The Cure for the Common Superbowl

Couldn't care less about the Superbowl (especially now that CBS is in cahoots with Focus on the Family and will be broadcasting not one but two commercials by the repugnant anti-gay, anti-woman religious group while refusing to air ads from gay organizations)? Looking for something else to do with your Sunday? Why not flip on MGM HD and tune into their marathon of six back-to-back musicals including Hair, The Cotton Club, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, A Song is Born, The Fantasticks, and Moulin Rouge (1954). This special musical lineup is part of MGM HD’s “MGM At the Awards,” which features movies with award-celebrated talent in honor of the studio’s 85th anniversary. To watch sneak-peek clips, check out production stills, and view the entire schedule, visit

And if you're looking for something to nosh on while you're getting your musical fix, how about trying out Paula Dean's Krispy Kreme Burger sandwich (above)? A burger patty (grease), an egg (grease), bacon (grease), all sandwiched between two donuts (grease and more grease) is just what the doctor ordered to wash away any of the residual ickiness you might be feeling from the aforementioned CBS/Focus on the Family drama.  The recipe is available here.

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