Lashes, Heels, & Cherry Pie

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Last night, I was out for a drink in the West Village when some debbie downer questioned my obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race. The complaint was that it’s too staged, that nothing’s realistic. “How do they know what song to lip sync to?”  Diva, are you serious? Sashay away. When have people ever watched reality TV because they’re looking for an in-depth and highly realistic portrayal of, say…Flavor Flav? If that’s what you want, watch a documentary. Clearly everything is staged, with producers right and left rearranging certain scenes and cutting others. But who really cares? It’s all about the over-the-top drama, the epic fierceness, and of course the fabulous RuPaul.
I was just now thinking back on this week’s episode of Drag Race when I realized that we at Popnography haven’t given the fierceness that is this show nearly enough coverage. The best thing to happen to Monday since the first season of Gossip Girl, RuPaul’s Drag Race has shantayed forth into its second season with fluttering eyelashes, broken heels, and even some cherry pie.

Right off the bat in episode one, the queens had to be ready to give face face face. With a Gone With the Wind theme and Kathy Griffin as the guest judge, the girls had to bring it. And they certainly did, well sort of. Ru did describe one queen’s outfit (and her somewhat shocking drop into the splits) as "raggedy," so I guess not. But we did receive a fantastic final lip-sync-for-your-life challenge that one of the divas described as “mortal combat.”

After the battle had been won, it was quickly onto challenge number two. The new guest judge was Dita Von Teese, who brought along with her the theme of burlesque dancing. Oh, grrrrrrrl!! After hustling cherry pie gift certificates on the street and "making it rain" with tips in the club, the queens were ready for elimination round two, where RuPaul delivered the best quote of the season thus far. “Tatianna, that’s an answer for the Miss America contest -- not the RuPaul Drag Race contest!” Incredible.

So don’t listen to that debbie downer from last night, and please join me in embracing the wonder of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  If you haven’t watched yet, you can watch both episodes from the new season for free here.

Shantay, you stay, girl!


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