fabulis is Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

Teddy Gregson is fabulis from fabulis on Vimeo.

fabulis is a new social networking site that connects gay men with amazing experiences down the block and around the world. Founder and CEO Jason Goldberg recently discussed what inspired him to create the Lonely Planet meets Facebook site:

"Me and my friends and my friends’ friends have differing ideas on what makes a restaurant great than the typical Trip Advisor user. We don’t always value the same things as the mother of four from Wisconsin or the straight senior citizen couple spending their twilight years in Florida. That hotel they rate highly? We think it’s boring. That “hot restaurant” in Fodors is dim to us. We don’t want the mainstream viewpoint. We want the gay-male take. We want to know the trends before they are trends. We want to make the trends.  By the time it’s in the guide book, it’s passe.  And, we want more than just the guide to the gay places. We want the gay take on where to go, what to do, and who to meet when we’re there."

fabulis will be launching on the web and on the iPhone in the spring of 2010. In the meantime, check out their "I am fabulis" video campaign (above and more here), as well as the fabulis blog, and sign up for an invite to the beta version of the site.

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