What's Your Obsessive Madonna Name?

You know what they say: if you love someone, like really really really love them, tell the world by legally changing your name. Take, for example, three 23-year-old British women, twins Lianne and Emma Dawson and their best friend Gemma Mitchell, who professed their undying admiration for Madonna, the artist and business woman, by undertaking these new monikers: Lianne Madonna Vogue On The Cover Of A Magazine McHale Dawson; Emma Madonna Confessions On A Dance Floor McHale Dawson; and Gemma Madonna True Blue Strike A Pose Carroll McHale Dawson Me Me Mitchell.

The most striking thing about this story, aside from the sheer quantity of bad Madonna puns (no less than eight, in 536 words) the reporter manages to make, is that no one has yet created an online name-generator so that we can all find out our Obsessive Madonna names and wear them with pride. The formula is simple: A) Your given name + B) Madonna + C) Your favorite Madonna song or album + D) A few extra favorite lyrics related or unrelated to C (optional) + E) Some nonsense words derived from the first syllable of your last name (optional) + F) Your last name = Voila! Instant obsessive. What's yours? Noah Madonna Erotica Love Don't Live Here Anymore Me Me Michelson and I want to know.


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