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If the sloppy weather outside (at least in NYC) isn't reason enough to crawl back into bed, how's this for depressing: Trent Reznor is getting married. Of course the Nine Inch Nails front man was never mine to have (he's afflicted with that particularly disappointing condition known as heterosexuality -- though I'm all but positive he's dabbled on the dude side) but at least before now I could pretend that one day I could be the one to heal his pain.

The lucky lady is Mariqueen Maandig, lead singer of the band West Indian Girl. Reznor and Maandig went public with their relationship at the Star Trek premiere in L.A. last week and MTV announced their engagment yesterday.

But not everyone is overjoyed about the new coupling. Many NIN fans are none too pleased with Trent's choice, pointing to a continuous stream of vapid Tweets from Maandig that are not only stomach turning in their self-indulgence, but also call into question exactly how solid the relationship is, including:

"@aialamode feel free to send me some! 34c-22-34. wait, i dont wear bras or panties... nevermind.
8:23 PM May 1st from web in reply to aialamode"

"dinner was epic. skipped the movie & went straight to the heavy petting.
11:42 PM Apr 25th from web "

"eating something mexican in atwater village when i should be nibbling on something american in beverly hills."

"i just told my mother about my new boyfriend, she is really excited to meet him.
2:49 PM Apr 24th from web "

Note the date of the last Tweet: less than two weeks ago! We don't have a good feeling about this, either. But like so much of Nine Inch Nails' best music -- sometimes feeling bad means soon enough you'll be feeling good. Not to be uncongratulatory, but let's just hope this crashes and burns and then we get a killer NIN album out of it.


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