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Swine flu did NOT have its way with The Real World: Cancun

Sometimes no matter how badly you want something, all the wishing and praying and hoping in the world won't make it true. That was the case recently when several sources reported that the dreaded swine flu currently stirring up hysteria (and inspiring chic new face masks) in all corners of the world -- but especially Mexico -- had claimed a new victim: The Real World: Cancun.

The latest installment of the beloved -- and let's admit it, seriously past its prime -- series headed south of the border this spring to capture the kind of hijinks that can only be conjured by sun, salsa, and rivers of tequila-laced vomit that surely flowed through every room (and if old habits truly die hard, see-through shower) in their Level Suites at the ME Cancun hotel where the show was filmed.

But no one expected the H1N1 virus (suddenly the most popular bug on the world stage) to crash the party late last month. According to, both Perez Hiton and Radar Online reported that the "reality" series had been shut down due to safety concerns for the roommates. But production company Bunim-Murray has denied that via its Twitter account, posting twice: first that "@PerezHilton swine flu may be the new susan boyle, but your RW Cancun post is as false as her teeth" and later that "reports from #perezhilton about #RW Cancun shutting down due to swine flu are 100% untrue!"

Phew! Not that these punk ass drama queens would let ANYTHING come between them and the chance to have their sloppy hook ups filmed in night vision, but still, nice to know they all have one less thing to be swabbed for once they got home.

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