Put on your Little "dancing" Boots

She then ran through crowd favorite, "Meddle," and love-as-education track "Mathematics" which found distribution on blogs to the displeasure of her management -- but to the joy of the fans because hey, who doesn't love to a sing-along? The best, "Stuck on Repeat," was saved for last, and, completely in the moment, Victoria jumped and clapped heart little British heart out before turning to her synths for the finale.

Without an album to back her and, like any good tease, she only played 10 songs and did not return for an encore. Perhaps with the new US-only EP Illuminations --  out June 9th -- and the full-length album, Hands, dropping the day before in the UK, she'll return with a few more songs up her shimmery sleeves.


> Little Boots set to invade!

Tags: Popnography

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