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Faux Beyoncé Fools Austrian Museum

For some reason, the first nine times I saw the trailer for Obsessed on TV I thought it starred a really adept Beyonce imposter. In one scene she'd look like Beyonce, and in the next she wouldn't. Besides, I figured, if this bunk-looking PG-13-rated thriller starred Beyonce, wouldn't it, you know, gloat about it? Finally I found out that the Beyonce-alike in the movie is in fact the real deal.

That does not mean, however, that the world is not rife with Beyonce imposters who fool people of otherwise normal pop culture competence. In fact, just this week, an art museum in Austria fell victim to one. Officials at the Albertina Museum gave a personal VIP tour to a woman who arrived in a limo surrounded by bodyguards to hordes of screaming fans after a phone call announced the imminent arrival of Her Royal Fierceness. Punk'd! It was an imposter (and not a terribly good one at that) sent by a local radio station.

"We were fooled," said the museum press officer, who also said museum staff had been skeptical all along -- but no hard feelings! "We must be the most important museum in Vienna," he surmised.


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