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New York Photographer Shares Same-Sex Love

New York Photographer Shares Same-Sex Love

Photography by Goran Veljic

Cupid may shoot arrows, but Goran Veljic shoots the celebratory moment that many men and women have dreamed of since childhood. The Serbia-born photographer has been working for New York's City Hall since 2010 and has witnessed more than 5,000 weddings. After the Marriage Equality Act went into effect in June 2011, he's even had the honor and opportunity to marry many of the love birds that have passed through the City Hall to make their relationships legal.

Veljic's exhibits many of the marriage moments he captured over the years at his first exhibition, New York: Same-Sex Marriages, which takes place at the MC Gallery (549 W. 52nd Street) during New York's Pride celebrations. 

Before moving to the United States, Veljic ran a photo studio and printing business in Smederevka Palanka, Serbia, and he documented the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. While living in his home country for over two decades, he documented the difficult political times of the country before moving to the United States where he found his next calling—documenting love.

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