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Here Come The Brides


T his just in: On February 13 and 16, All My Children's gay super couple, Reese and Bianca will tie the lesbian knot. It's a historic milestone for daytime TV as no other gay soap couple has ever walked down the aisle -- until now. The story is already getting major coverage and snagged the coveted cover of Soap Opera Digest. SOD's editorial director Lynn Leahey tells, When we learned about the upcoming wedding, of course we wanted to feature it on our cover. Its a big moment for All My Children and a milestone for daytime. Unfortunately, we have to deliver some bad news as well: we've been told Emmy and Spirit Award winner Eden Riegel (Bianca) will be leaving the soap shortly. However, our sources tell us that Tamara Braun (Reese) will be sticking around for "a while longer." Could her bisexual "tendencies" be the reason? We're betting on it. We thought with this historic and joyous news now was the perfect time to rerun our interview with Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun that ran earlier this year: A couple of months ago, Emmy winner Eden Riegel reprised her popular and groundbreaking role as Erica Kanes lesbian daughter, Bianca Montgomery, for a four-month stint on All My Children. Tagging along with her is one of daytime TVs sexiest and most talented stars, Tamara Braun (ex-Ava, Days of our Lives; ex-Carly, General Hospital), playing Binks Parisian fiance, Reese Williams. Ironically, as Proposition 8 made it illegal for gays to marry in California, daytime TV is fearlessly diving into uncharted waters with Bianca and Reeses historic engagement. Here come the brides, indeed! And the baby carriage, too, as when Binks returned to Lesbian Valley, viewers were stunned to learn that the Sapphic heroine was nine-months pregnant! Then, a tornado hit (dont you just hate when that happens). Luckily, Bianca survived and gave birth to her new daughter, Gabrielle. Her sister, Kendall wasnt so lucky: she landed in a coma. Now, Binks, who came back to town to inform her sister that her hubby, Zach donated his sperm to give Rianca a mini-me, is suffering from a terminal case of the guilts. Out spoke with the two daytime superstars regarding their sizzling sex scenes, whether or not was daytime ready for two lesbians to walk down the aisle, and if theres a ABC kissing ban a la As The World Turns.Out: Welcome back to soaps! I can already tell Rianca is going to be a huge super couple. Eden Riegel: I love working with Tamara! Shes incredibly multi-dimensional. Tamara Braun: Awww ER: Were having great fun. Were also becoming fast friends. Tamaras an incredibly truthful actor. In fact, I believe she is bringing out the best work Ive ever done in my career. TB: I feel weird now Out: Get a room, girls! [Laughs] ER: My husband Andrew warns me each day not to fall in love with Tamara! Did you fall in love with her yet? hell ask me when I get home each night. Out: Tamara is a big hit on AMC -- perhaps you should watch your back Eden! Shes going to steal your thunder ER: I take back everything I said! [Laughs] TB: Who cant resist these beautiful chocolate eyes of mine, right? [Laughs] Out: As you know, earlier this year As The World Turns reportedly banned its gay super couple, Luke and Noah from kissing due to pressure from certain political and religious groups. Will Rianca swap a lot of spit on-screen? ER: There is plenty of kissing, I promise! TB: There is no lack of affection here. ER: Its a demonstrative [love]. Having played Bianca for a long time, I will say this is the most demonstrative relationship shes been in because Binks is in a committed romance for once. So, theres no holding back in the physical realm. Weve never been told to hold back. ABC is allowing us to trust our instincts. TB: These characters are in love, and people in love show affection. Eden told me in the past each time she had to kiss someone in scene it was a big deal, which I wasnt aware of. When she told me that, every time there was a kiss it was a big event. ER: It had to be scripted, and it had to be cleared. It was a different time. TB: I was shocked. I dont know if I could have played Reese back then with those restrictions. Out: Whats the best part of working with a same-sex co-star? TB: We get to wear each others clothes! ER: The soft kisses and lips! TB: Finishing each other sentences. Out: Edens last on-screen relationship was extremely popular with fans, the Bianca-Maggie love story. In fact, I spoke with your other girlfriend Elizabeth Hendrickson [now Chloe on The Young and the Restless] yesterday. TB: Shes never been in love before me! [Laughs] Edens never had another girlfriend before. Whatcha talkin about Willis? ER: [Laughs] Out: So, who would win a lesbian smack down: Reese or Maggie? ER: Dont underestimate Maggie. Shes little, but shes feisty. Once, I had a pillow fight with Elizabeth, and I was confident in my abilities that I would destroy her. Somehow, that little whippersnapper completely destroyed me! TB: Um, you had a pillow fight before me? Out: Yes, Tamara Edens had a life pre-Reese! ER: Im sorry! TB: I dont know who would win, because I dont know yet if Reese fights dirty. Having said that, as a last resort, Reese would probably use her high heels if she had to! Out: Elizabeth proclaimed Eden as the best kisser partner shes ever had on-screen. TB: I have to tell you, I agree. Out: Jeesza now I want to kiss Eden! I want some of that love! [Laughs] So, Eden -- whos the better kisser Elizabeth or Tamara? TB: She cant answer that! [Laughs] ER: Theyre the same, but different -- hows that for an answer? TB: Good answer! Wait -- Edens only ever kissed women on TV, right? ER: Ive kissed Josh Duhamel on AMC -- that was fun. Out: Didnt you kiss a transgender person on AMC? ER: No, Nelson -- he was a woman, remember? [Laughs] She was a woman; I just thought she was a man! Out: There are rumors that Reese may be bisexual. Is that true? That could be an interesting, groundbreaking thread for daytime to explore. TB: That would be an interesting story. I dont know. Out: Reeses homophobic father is coming to town very soon. TB: Boy, you know a lot! Who else is coming? Out: Anne Heche has signed onto guest-star, I hear! So is Reese gay or bisexual? TB: Shes gay. Shes a lesbian woman. [But shes had past experiences with men, which will soon be revealed]. Out: Biancas brother-in-law Zach [Thorsten Kaye] has a crush on Reese I think. TB: Who wouldnt? ER: Zach and Reese are friends and have known each other for a long time. Also, Reese and Bianca made the decision to use Zach as a sperm donor. TB: Also, Zach fell in love with Bianca and Reese as a couple. To see Bianca so happy and in love, he naturally loves Reese as well. Out: Is everyone kosher with the fact that Binks is starting a family with Reese? ER: Everyone is strangely, eerily happy for Binks! People dont question her life or sexuality anymore. TB: Theres a lot of tragedy on the show because of the tornado, so everyones priorities have shifted. ER: Kendall is in a coma, you know and doesnt know her sister gave birth to her husbands baby! TB: In a way, a new baby is hope. Theres been a lot of death in Pine Valley, homes have been destroyed, and Kendalls in a coma, so Bianca and Reeses arrival is happy news. Out: If Rianca were to break up, a custody battle for Gabrielle could be groundbreaking stuff for soaps, huh? TB: Arent you negative Nellie today? [Laughs] Out: In Canada, its legal for gays to marry, but divorce and custody issues -- especially with two mothers -- is a murky area legal pundits are just beginning to realize. TB: It would be groundbreaking. It is an issue. ER: My father-in-law is a family lawyer. Ive had interesting conversations with him about gay marriage, and then of course, you have to go the extra mile and wonder what would happen should a gay couple divorce because its very complicated. TR: This is an issue I thought about immediately regarding Reese and Bianca. I discussed it with head writer Chuck Pratt Jr. -- Reese needs to adopt Gabrielle. The rights can easily be taken from Reese, even if God forbid something happens to Bianca or one of them. Especially if something happens to the biological parent because the non-biological parent has no rights. There is a lot to explore. My two female friends have a baby and we discussed the legal rights of the child. It was important to them that the non-biological parent legally adopted the baby so theres no question down the road.. Out: I love how Tamara is already trying to kill off Bianca, Eden! ER: Omigod! TB: I hate you with a passion! [Laughs] Out: The week you gals returned to AMC, the soap rose in the ratings by a quarter of a million viewers -- its highest gains in eight months. Many credit the tornado for the increase, but I believe it was Edens comeback. Would you agree with that theory? TB: I think so! I agree with you. ER: I love you, Nelson. Out: Well, I think its true. TB: Im not joking, I think so, too! Out: Well, a lot of gay and straight viewers checked out when Eden quit the show a few years back. Speaking of which, whats your thinking: if this storyline takes off and youre both happy, will you both re-sign with AMC? I know Elizabeth is dying to have Eden on Y&R as a Mac recast. And I admit, so am I. TB: What? Are you leaving me already, Eden? Do you remember there was a show called, One Day At A Time, Nelson? Or like AA. One step at a time. Were taking things day by day. Well see how it goes. Out: Will we see Tamara on your smash hit web show, Imaginary Bitchesnext season? ER: Oh, I sure hope so. Will you be one of our bitches, Tamara? TB: Let your people talk to my people. ER: Oh, see shes giving me the runaround already! Out: Tamara may just be too bitchy for Imaginary. TB: Ill be Edens bitch any day. Out: Who isnt? Eden Riegel also stars in one of webdoms best new series, Imaginary Bitches, which is currently available on DVD. Riegel and her husband, Andrew Miller recently announced that for every sale of Imaginary Bitches, $.88 from every sale of Imaginary Bitches: The Complete First Season DVD, will go to "No on 8" the campaign to fight California's recent gay marriage ban. In fact, Miller and Riegel filmed a hilarious PSA on Proposition 8: check it out here. Send a letter to the editor about this article.

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