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Here's Why So Many People Want to Delete Grindr Right Now

Here's Why So Many People Want to Delete Grindr Right Now

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The dating app’s new CEO is getting blasted for some old resurfaced tweets.

Some people have been tapping out of Grindr recently.

Grindr has a new CEO, George Arison, who's getting a lot of backlash for some of his tweets - some of which aren't even that old. This has prompted some LGBTQ+ people to claim that they are deleting Grindr in response.

Most notably, Arison has various tweets where he politically aligned himself with Donald Trump and conservative policies. Moreover, he has been known to support politicians who ended up rolling back rights and protections for trans children after getting elected.

Check out below some of Arison's tweets that have been getting criticism from the LGBTQ+ community this week.

Regarding the latter tweet, Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin has determined that the state "will no longer allow transgender students to use facilities marked by their gender identity in schools, a move that critics say is inhumane," as reported by The Advocate.

Now, many Grindr users are announcing that they'll delete their Grindr accounts if Arison moves forward as the CEO of the company. These users are also outraged that someone like Arison would even be considered to serve as CEO of a company that caters exclusively to an LGBTQ+ customer base.

Time will tell if Grindr will make changes regarding its newly-appointed CEO, if he will issue a new statement clarifying his past views, or whether users will follow through with their backlash.


A Grindr spokesperson issued the following statement:

"George is an out gay man, proudly married to his husband and the father of two children. George is passionate about fighting for the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ people around the world."

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