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5 companies that scaled back their Pride campaigns in 2024

After violent backlash last year, some companies have taken their "allyship" down several notches in 2024.

LGBTQ+ venture capital 101: How to fund your big business idea

There's a slew of queer-focused venture capital funds and organizations to help LGBTQ+ people find economic stability and fulfillment through entrepreneurship.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Stars Who Have Makeup & Beauty Brands

These Drag Race queens are running their own beauty empires.

A Christian Decorator Refused to Paint a Gay Man's House

The man refused service due to "recommended guidelines" from his church.

Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Bud Light Didn't Offer Support After Backlash

"I have been ridiculed in public. I’ve been followed, and I have felt a loneliness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

Are People Really Calling McDonald's Grimace a Queer Icon?

The purple blob is the internet's latest — questionable — queer icon.

What We Know About Claims That Starbucks Is Banning Pride Decorations

Will Starbucks join Target in caving into conservative pressure?

Despite Conservative Cry Babies, North Face Continues Pride Campaign

The outdoor apparel company isn't backing down yet.

Target Is Removing Some Pride Merch Because Bigots Complained

Target says it is facing "threats impacting our team member's sense of safety and well-being while at work" because of the collection.

Out100 2022: 12 LGBTQ+ Moguls of Fashion and Business

These creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, and moguls are leading the way (and the runway).

Here's Why So Many People Want to Delete Grindr Right Now

The dating app’s new CEO is getting blasted for some old resurfaced tweets.

Trixie Mattel Says She Wants to Open More Trixie Motels

A chain of Trixie Motels might be happening!

10 Brands With Jocks, Briefs, Boxers, & Bottoms Perfect For Pride

What’s the point of Pride if you don’t get to show off your best assets??

Every Project & Venture Trixie Mattel Is Working On in 2022

Oh, honey–it’s a very busy year for Trixie!

38 Pride Collections That Actually Benefit the LGBTQ+ Community

The proceeds from these Pride-themed product lines are actually going back to help the queer community.

Burger King's Pride Whoppers Come With Two Tops or Two Bottoms

Are you a two bottoms kind of guy, or a two tops kind of guy?

6 LGBTQ+ Dolls You Can Buy & Collect This Pride Season

Queer people deserve dolls of our own!

Target Now Sells Chest Binders & Packing Underwear, Thanks to TomboyX

Trans or gender nonconforming folks everywhere can now just head over to their local Target and (discreetly and affordably) get some affirming clothes!

Skittles Go Gray (Again) With Pride Packs Designed by LGBTQ+ Artists

This year, though, Skittles' annual Pride packs will also feature colorful art by queer artists, with proceeds going to GLAAD.