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Ariana Grande Drags Piers Morgan for Not Understanding Feminism

Ariana Grande Drags Piers Morgan for Not Understanding Feminism

ariana grande

“i say this w all due respect but thank u, next.”

Look, you just don't come for Ariana Grande. This is common knowledge, especially after her iconic release of the breakup anthem of the century following her separation from fiance Pete Davidson. Yet somehow, political "journalist" Piers Morgan didn't get the memo and decided to attack the pop diva for being *gasp* sexual.

This all started two days ago when Morgan, in an expectedly tone-deaf op ed, came for feminism at large, arguing, "Hypocrisy is sadly a prevalent theme with much of modern feminism."

Morgan seemed unable to grasp the notion that women can feel empowered through embracing their sexuality and still not want to be constantly objectified by men.

Ignoring every single sector of society where male privilege exists, Morgan then came for Ellen Degeneres, writing, "We don't want to be told we can't appreciate a female star's beauty because it's offensive to feminists, then see feminists like Ellen deGeneres openly objectifying famous men's bodies at awards shows -- to no complaint."

Fans were quick to defend Ellen, explaining to Morgan how he is missing the point, and also that reverse sexism like, isn't a thing.

The day after, Morgan attacked British girl group Little Mix for a nude photo shoot where they wrote disparaging remarks on their own bodies as a feminist message for body positivity.

Joan Grande, Ariana's mother, came to the defense of Ellen and Little Mix asking why Morgan feels compelled to attack these women. Joan tweeted:

Morgan then did what he should have known not to do. He came directly for the "God is a Woman" singer:

That's when Ariana Grande came in and shut down Morgan.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you shut down an ignorant misogynist.

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