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Secretary Eve and Her Terrible Typing Return in New Life-Size 2 Clip

Secretary Eve and Her Terrible Typing Return in New Life-Size 2 Clip

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They’re self-aware!

One of the most memorable scenes in the original Life-Size TV movie was, having been recently animated by a magic spell, the doll Eve (Tyra Banks) adjust to the rigors of everyday life. In 2000 that meant tacking such novel things a typing on a computer, which Even immediately got the hang of... sort of. ab fab patsy stone trans

Fans of the original will be delighted to know that Secretary Eve is as computer savvy as ever and is even featured in a new clip from the upcoming sequel shared by Tyra Banks on Instagram over the weekend.

After being brought to life by the same spell from the first film, the new Eve makes a call on her fully functioning toy cell phone back to Sunnyvale, her hometown and the headquarters for all Eves, apparently. "Marathon Toys is discontinuing the Eve doll," Eve says to the Eve-with-bangs who picks up the phone, while Secretary Eve transcribes the conversation in the background.

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"If Eve is discontinued, all of the Eve dolls will no longer exist," replies Eve-with-bangs grimly. Though she admits she doesn't know if that's really what would happen, she emphasizes to Brought-to-Life-Eve the importance of showing Grace (Francia Raisa) how important the Eve doll is to children everywhere - otherwise she'll never be able to return home.

After the phone call Secretary Eve hands her transcription to Eve-with-bangs in her laughably terrible gibberish. Hey, at least she's consistent. Watch, below.

Life-Size 2 premieres on December 2 during Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas.

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