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Please Enjoy this Strange, Spooky Photo of Nicki Minaj & the Olsen Twins

Olsen Twins

The Met Gala gifted us with this curious artifact. 

Olsen Twins sightings IRL are extremely rare, but we've heard they happen. The tall tales aren't unlike that of the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot, but they're typically set within the shadows of Manhattan, spotting the wide-eyed duo ordering $35 goats milk lattes with imported sea salt garnish or purchasing meteoric stones believed to halt aging.

Last night, our favorite spooky sisters made an official appearance at the Met Gala red carpet, donning complementary looks a witchy, woodsy grandmother would ooze with jealousy over. If you gaze into Ashley's eyes, you'll begin to hear bones rattling in the distance; if you stare at Mary-Kate's perfectly pruning lips, you'll hear the soft whisper of a goblin repeating, "Dead man's toe," above a bubbling cauldron.

Throughout the evening, the pair appropriately had many photo ops--you can imagine the frenzied paparazzi quickly flashing their cameras expecting the Twins to disappear in a puff of smoke at any moment. But perhaps the most important, curious image that made its way online last night is this one with Nicki Minaj, who looks surprisingly comfortable next to a pair of stylish gremlins who'd likely petrify her with a single blink. See, below.

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