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Lady Gaga Drops New Track

Lady Gaga Drops New Track


She collaborated with R Kelly and went on a bizarre Twitter rant

Miley Cyrus called her scandalous and buzzworthy VMA performance a "strategic hot mess." I have no damn clue what the hell Lady Gaga's up to. Today, she released her latest track, "Do What U Want" (feat. R Kelly)--with some cheeky cover art (literally):


Yep that's an ass shot, because--why not? (BTW, can we also start spelling "you" correctly? It's the one thing Autocorrect DOESN'T mess up!) While Gaga's promotion tactics are predictably unpredictable (e.g. Tattooing the name of her upcoming third album "ARTPOP" on her forearm and Instagraming it, sleeping in a giant bottle of her perfume at the Guggenheim) this one is a real headscratcher.

Seemingly taking a leaf out of Amada Bynes' playbook, Mother Monster went on a strange and self-attacking Twitter rant. She repeated a variety of criticisms and attacks against her including that she had a penis, is a less-good Madonna, is a less-good Katy Perry, and is fat.

Listen to the track here:

I want to say it was a promotional strategy, but what's the point? Or is the point that there is no point?

ARTPOP is due out November 11.

MADONNA HATES GAGA SHES OVER i dont need anybodys permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not

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