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Hugh Jackman's Ever-Changing Physique


Jackman talks about how he owns three sets of suits for his different body sizes, and shares his Wolverine diet

The award-winning actor tells 60 Minutes that he has boxes of clothing in storage due to his changing body sizes, he explains his dividing process: "fat suits, skinny suits, and normal suits." The Wolverine and Les Miserables actor explains the different body requirements for each role--he had to gain a massive amount of weight in just two days for shooting different scenes involving his Les Mis character Jean Valjean, which helped get him into the shape needed for his reprisal as Logan/Wolverine for The Wolverine (due in summer 2013).

"The Wolverine diet is strict, its about 4,000 calories a day," Jackman explains, "not the fun calories." It includes eating all kinds of proteins such as chicken, fish, steak, string vegetables, and brown rice six times a day, and adding in protein shakes. "No alcohol, no sugar, nothing fun." View this portion of the 60 Minutes interview here.

While in a full beard in the beginging, you can still see the change of weight in his face in Les Mes

Hugh jackman 633x

Wouldn't you like to know more about The Wolverine diet and workouts for these results?

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