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Homophobes Are Mad About Tom Holland's Gay Scene in The Crowded Room

Homophobes Are Mad About Tom Holland's Gay Scene in The Crowded Room

Tom Holland
Apple TV+

The Spider-Man actor is currently starring in a new limited series for Apple TV+.

Homophobes are up in arms saying, “Not my Spider-Man!”

Best known for starring in the new Spider-Man trilogy and bringing the Peter Parker character to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Tom Holland is currently facing scrutiny from homophobes for playing the lead character of Billy Milligan in the new limited series The Crowded Room for Apple TV+.

In 1975, Milligan was arrested for armed robbery and raping three people on the campus of Ohio State University. After being incarcerated, Milligan reportedly engaged in sexual activities with other men, something that is depicted on The Crowded Room.

Given that former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have also played queer characters over the years, the criticism against Holland feels particularly strange and pointed for no reason.

Even if his Spider-Man predecessors had not played queer characters in their careers, Holland has the right to take on jobs and bring to life different characters as he seems fit. The actor is straight and has been in a relationship with Zendaya for many years, so his role on The Crowded Room is clearly just a role that doesn’t affect his personal life.

On the topic of LGBTQ+ actors playing LGBTQ+ characters, it’s not like Billy Milligan is the most positive individual out there for an actor to bring to life, so it feels like it’s besides the point for a non-LGBTQ+ actor to play this particular person on television.

But as seen on LGBTQ-inclusive shows like The Last of Us, homophobes will cling to just about any reason to complain about queer characters being depicted on mainstream media. At this point in time, Holland has become a target for playing this character in a limited series.

Though there could be valid arguments and concerns about Holland playing Billy Milligan, being angry that your Spider-Man star played a queer character on a TV show is just irrational and straight-up homophobic.

The Crowded Room is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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