Homophobia still lurks at every turn. While it may be tempting to laugh off antigay bigots like Kim Davis, Pat Robertson, and Michele Bachmann, it's important to remember that some homophobes are extremely dangerous and have far-reaching power. Zimbabwe's aging dictator, Robert Mugabe, said gay people are “worse than pigs and dogs.” Ronald Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic throughout the entirety of his presidency, neglecting to even speak about it until 1987, after thousands had died. And while Russian president Vladimir Putin may not have personally ordered neo-Nazi groups to hunt and torture LGBT Russians, his so-called "anti-propaganda" laws have created an extremely hostile environment for queer people living there. All over the world, homophobia continues to breed hate and antigay violence.

Dan Savage appears on National Geographic's Explorer, Monday at 10/9C.

May 20 2017 10:44 AM

The Russia LGBT Network is negotiating to secure visas for gay men seeking refuge.

May 18 2017 12:31 PM

George Weinberg, who invented the term in the 1960s after his colleagues expressed unease around gay men, has died at age 87.

March 23 2017 7:15 PM

The Office for Victims of Crime is expected to award the money today to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

March 15 2017 2:05 PM

“This is the most bizarre form of homophobia I’ve ever encountered.”

February 18 2017 11:39 AM

"We know the majority of sports fans want a better, more inclusive game."

November 28 2016 2:45 PM

 “This kind of reporting is simply unacceptable,” the IOC said.

August 15 2016 12:01 PM