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Tom Holland Wants a Gay Spider-Man, and We’ve Found One

spider man gay

This guy is totally the best for the job.

Even though Spider-Man seems to be leaving the Marvel Universe (essentially, in the process of the Disney buyout, our beloved superhero slipped through the cracks), the actor playing our favorite wall crawler is hoping for some LGBTQ+ representation in future films. Yeah, Marvel may have Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, and a gay dad in The Eternals, but Tom Holland hopes that there's a gay web shooter some time soon. And we actually have someone in mind!

For a recent GQ video, Holland went "undercover" online. He read and responded to a few comments on YouTube under a made-up email. He also went in to edit his Wikipedia page and explored Quora, Facebook, and Instagram. But eventually, he gets around to Twitter.

"Didn't Tom Holland say he wanted Spider-Man to be gay?" a fan asks in a tweet. Holland then clarifies that the question the fan was referring to was actually should there be "a gay Spider-Man."

"I think that would be a very progressive way to kind of create a new character," Holland says in reply. "So yeah, I think there should be one one day and I hope I get to share the screen with that person." It would indeed be the perfect new character, in the Spider-verse. But the beauty of Instagram means we already have an option.

We've been following grrrrrryan, a cosplayer who posts on Instagram, for some time now. He dresses up in all manner of costumes, inspired by anime as well as superheroes (his Black Panther was quite amazing) and posts some pretty dope images to his feed -- this comes in addition to going to conventions around the world. But of his posts, our favorite has to be his long standing infatuation with Spider-Man.

We should say here that we have no clue whether or not Ryan can actually act. But let's be honest here: he's a weightlifter. Have you seen that body? We truly do not care! We can see he can be put in compromising positions and he can wear the suit. That's all we really need. Plus, he has multiple costumes! Seems like a shoo-in for the job.

Well casting directors, it's your move.

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