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Tom Holland Reflects on His Iconic Rihanna Lip Sync Battle Performance

Tom Holland Reflects on His Iconic Rihanna Lip Sync Battle Performance

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Where were you when Tom Holland performed "Umbrella?"

When Spider-Man star Tom Holland stepped out in a black bob wig, a halter top, and fishnets to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” on Lip Sync Battle in 2017, he shook America.

Now, years later in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he’s looking back on that iconic moment — and if he’d do it again.

“I’m proud of it,” Holland says of the performance. “I like that it left a lasting impact. It was an amazing time.”

When asked if he put on the tights and wig and got down and dirty to a Rihanna song to make a statement about toxic masculinity, Holland definitively answered no, and revealed that the costume designer put together the outfit without his input.

“I don’t give a f*ck. I’ve grown up in the most non-toxic-masculine environment possible,” he said. “I didn’t realize what I was doing was so forward-thinking. I was just like, ‘Yeah, fuck it, I’ll put some fishnets on and dance in the rain. That’ll be really fun. I don’t care.’”

However, Holland doesn’t have all positive feelings about the performance. He also said that despite all the films and work he’s proud of, Lip Sync Battle is what he gets the most compliments for. But still, he wouldn’t do it again.

“But you’d never catch me doing that now,” he said. “Just because I don’t want to do a fucking TV show that I don’t need to do. I’d rather go and play golf and live my little private life.”

That’s unfortunate for us, as we loved seeing Holland have fun and let it all out on Lip Sync Battle.

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