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Buh-Bye! These 11 LGBTQ-inclusive shows are ending in 2024

In 2024, we’re saying goodbye to these TV shows featuring queer characters.

28 actors who showed bare ass in movies & TV shows

These booties deserve a standing ovation!

'Supernatural' actors DJ Qualls & Ty Olsson are engaged

The two actors met at a convention celebrating the show.

Mama, kudos: A thank-you to Q & 'Drag Race's HIV advocates

RuPaul's Drag Race contestants have been moving the culture and public education on HIV forward since the show's inception, praises Out columnist Alexander Cheves.

Here's when 'Hearstopper' season 3 (and its new Billie Eilish song) is coming out

Yes, you read that right! New music from the Grammy-winning queer pop star is going to be featured in the beloved Netflix series.

Jonathan Bailey & Andrew Scott formed a twunk sandwich around Kylie Minogue in hottest selfie ever

The trio were hanging out and having a great time at the recent 2024 Met Gala.

'Interview With the Vampire' returns for a 'grander' & gayer season 2

Rolin Jones, showrunner of Interview with the Vampire, promises a “bigger and grander” return of AMC’s queer horror hit.

16 LGBTQ+ celebrities who came out later in life

These queer celebs prove that there's no set timeline in life when it comes to living your truth!

Ricky Martin opens up (again!) about his love of feet

The View co-host Joy Behar got the heartthrob to spill even more tea about one of his true loves: feet.

'Baby Reindeer' star Richard Gadd investigated for dating trans actress who auditioned for show

Reece Lyons, a trans actress, has come forward saying that she was asked to audition for a role in the hit Netflix series, but it came at the same time she was asked out by the show's creator.

7 movies & shows that prove vampires are gay AF

With Kristen Stewart returning to her vampire roots in an upcoming film, let's revisit some movies and shows that prove vampires have always been for the queers!

Seeing sexy Magneto tied up has gay 'X-Men '97' fans going absolutely feral

The gays had some pretty hilarious reactions to the latest episode...

Darren Criss says he has been 'culturally queer' his whole life

The Emmy-winning actor famously played gay character Blaine on Glee.