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Drake Wonders If He Might Be Bisexual in New Song Lyrics

Drake Wonders If He Might Be Bisexual in New Song Lyrics

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It seems like the one and only Champagne Papi is questioning some things...

You Only Live Once (YOLO), right?

On Friday, November 17, Drake released a new version of his latest album titled For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition. The 29-track album includes a song called “Members Only” with featured vocals by PARTYNEXTDOOR.

“Members Only” is an otherwise pretty standard Drake song where he complains about a girl hanging out with the wrong people and not giving him the time of day, even though he considers himself the best partner for her. Except, there’s a line in the song that goes, “Going deeper inside, my feelings can’t subside / These walls are so thin, you gon’ wake up the whole eastside, girl / Feel like I’m bi ‘cause you’re one of the guys, girl.”

Drake goes on to say “all jokes aside” after saying that he might be bisexual. Alas, given how many times other rappers have claimed that Drake is somewhere in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, this is a pretty surprising lyric to include in a song of his.

Because we can never have nice things, Drake then goes on to make problematic statements just a few bars later in “Members Only.” The rapper sings, “Say you started datin’ girls now, say it to me with a straight face / Oh, now it’s girls / I wanna know all of your kinks / I wanna touch more money than Brinks / I bet I could change how you think.”

Here, Drake is clearly challenging a woman who told him that she’s dating other girls now. He talks about it as if she’s lying, and as if dating other women is just a “kink.” He concludes that train of thought claiming that he can probably change her mind (about dating other women), which isn’t great, either.

Over the years, Drake has been pretty clueless about LGBTQ+ issues when it comes to his social media posts, interview statements, and/or song lyrics. Moreover, there’s always been an undertone of homophobia whenever he and other rappers call one another “gay” while exchanging insults.

But there’s still something pretty radical for the most popular hip-hop artist of the last 10+ years to even ponder that he might be bisexual in a song. Generally speaking, most mainstream rappers do everything they can to dissociate themselves from queerness, so the suggestion that one of them might be bisexual – even if it’s framed as a little joke – feels pretty wild.

Let us root for you, Drake!

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