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Kid Cudi Is Praising Lil Nas X for Destroying Homophobia in Hip-Hop

Kid Cudi Is Praising Lil Nas X for Destroying Homophobia in Hip-Hop

Lil Nas X and Kid Cudi

"What he's doing is what we need right now."

Time's annual 100 Most Influential People list came out this week, and the least surprising name on the list is Lil Nas X. Has anyone influenced culture more than him over the last year? We don't think so, and neither does Kid Cudi.

Cudi was given the honor of writing Lil Nas X's profile for Time, and he spent the whole thing praising the groundbreaking rapper and singer. And we couldn't agree more with what he said.

"Lil Nas X is a new twist on some of the themes I was riding on when I first started out: being true to yourself and not giving a f*ck what anyone says," Cudi wrote in his profile of Lil Nas. "What he's doing is what we need right now. To have a gay man in hip hop doing his thing, crushing records, that is huge for us and for Black excellence."

But he wasn't done with the praise there. "The way he's unafraid to make people uncomfortable is so rock 'n' roll. He's a true rock star." Amen!

"There's a homophobic cloud over hip hop, and he's going to break that sh*t down," Cudi continued. "We have to stand with him. I'm going to do whatever I have to let him know, you have my support."

Cudi had previously expressed his support for Lil Nas X when the "Montero" singer tweeted that "maybe a lot of them just don't wanna work with me," when he was asked why his upcoming debut album has no features from Black male artists, only white males and Black women.

Cudi was having none of that, telling Nas, "I'll work w u and frolic in rose gardens w u singin about my pain." We'd love to see it!

In the Time profile, Cudi followed up on that offer, saying "when we do our song together, however trippy the video is, let's get sexy with it." I would like to see it!!!

Lil Nas X's first album Montero comes out tomorrow, Friday, September 17!

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