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Drake Reunites the Entire Degrassi Cast in 'I'm Upset' Music Video

Drake Reunites the Entire 'Degrassi' Cast in 'I'm Upset' Music Video

High school reunions are horrible, we can all agree on that. But Drake's high school reunion is lit, mostly because Drake went to Degrassi — fictionally, anyway. In his new music video for track "I'm Upset," Drake reunited the entire cast of iconic Canadian high school drama Degrassi. Paige, Manny, Craig, Spinner, Emma, Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries — the gang's all here, including Jay and Silent Bob, who show up to sell Mr. Simpson weed! Even Rick, who shot Drake's character Jimmy, shows up, only to get chased by what we imagine is Drake's squad.

Watch the "I'm Upset" music video below.


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