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Dove Cameron Is Making Music for Everyone 'Except for Straight Men'

Dove Cameron Is Making Music for Everyone 'Except for Straight Men'

Dove Cameron

The 27-year-old singer also wants to go on tour later this year.

With her new song “We Go Down Together,” a romantic ballad duet with Khalid, Dove Cameron is almost ready to release her debut album.

Cameron has been working on the album for several years, and after she released her breakout viral sensation “Boyfriend” last year, she’s built a dedicated fanbase of people who know the lyrics to all her songs. Now, she’s preparing to release her debut full length album.

While there are plenty of queer themes on the album, Cameron says it will run the gamut of themes.

"I'm talking about heartache, but also things like losing a parent at a young age, losing two of my best friends to really intense, middle-of-the-night-phone-call kind of deaths, eating disorders and all of this stuff that I've never really been able to put to melody," she told People about the album. "I'm finally finding a way to talk about those things in a much more honest way."

She also told the magazine how she feels the freedom to be her best self now that she’s out and a part of the queer community.

"I'm allowing myself to be more human on stage rather than having it be the place that I feel the least safe, and really all of that is down to the amount of support I've gotten from fans and other women in the queer community," she said.

But Cameron also doesn’t want to pigeonhole herself or her fans. "You don't have to be a part of the queer community to come and enjoy my music,” she added. “It's my aspiration to make music that everybody can enjoy — except for straight men."

She also wants to go on tour later this year, but wants to make sure she has enough material first.

“Before this year, I had been mostly playing 250-seat venues. It was a crazy jump,” she said about performing for crowds of 20,000 this past year. “I really learned a lot. Going forward, I'm planning on touring in the fall, but I literally just need to get more music out there. I don't want half of the set to be covers.”

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