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Pharrell's Hat Up For Auction, Current Bid At Over $14K

Pharrell's Hat Up For Auction, Current Bid At Over $14K

1. Pharrell’s infamous Vivienne Westwood “Mountain” hat—the one he wore to the Grammys—is being sold on Ebay for over $14K. The “Hat Person of the Year” is auctioning off the hat to benefit his From One Hand To AnOTHER nonprofit.

2. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has signed into law an anti-gay bill that not only allows for life sentences for those convicted of homosexuality, but also outlaws the promotion of homosexuality and requires citizens to denounce anyone suspected to be gay to the police. Only last week, Museveni asked for input from the US on whether to sign the bill

3. Daniel Radcliff’s hair looks like a rat’s nest. Don’t worry Potter fans, it’s only for Frankenstein the movie he’s working on.

4. ICYMI Piers Morgan got canned. Crack open the champagne.

5. The UK knows how to advertize safe sex.


6. Natalia Kill’s video for “Trouble” is heart wrenchingly beautiful.  It can be hard to watch, but if you were a screw up as a teenager, you can relate. Check it out below: 

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