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A Love Potion from New York's Wiccan Highpriestess

"You can't make someone fall in love with you," warns Leah Rivera--affectionately known as Lady Rhea--a practicing Wiccan since 1972. You can, however, attract a lover into your life, she says. Here's how:

  1. "You'll need a jar of honey and three pieces of parchment paper," Rivera says. "A brown paper bag is fine--you want to work with natural fibers."
  2. "Write your name on one piece of paper, the person who you'd like to fall in love with you on another, and leave a third one blank in between--to draw in the 'unknown' person."
  3. "Tie the pieces of paper together with natural string or red ribbon."
  4. "Place this in the jar of honey with five cinnamon sticks and some rose petals," she advises.
  5. "Burn a yellow or red candle on top and put it in a safe place."
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