Chatter: Marlo Thomas On Bullying

Chatter: Marlo Thomas On Bullying

"Just how many dead teenagers, driven to end their own lives, is it going to take for adults to stand up and say, 'What the hell is going on?' There was a time when the words "Free to Be" embodied a hope that whatever a kid was, was good enough. But "freedom" doesn't describe the world of this generation. Or of their parents... For all the walls we thought we'd broken down with Free to Be -- and all the stereotypes we thought we'd shattered -- children today are not free to be anything they want to be, nor anything they are, and they are dying for it. And no beautiful lyric can fix that."
-- Marlo Thomas declaring her classic, uplifting '70s Free To Be...You and Me project dead in light of the current bullying epidemic in a new article on The Huffington Post.

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