Mickey Rourke Plays Gay?

Mickey Rourke Plays Gay?

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Did you ever wonder if Mickey Rourke could play gay? At
first, when he was young, we were hopeful. Later on we were mildly intrigued.
And lately if we gave it a thought at all, it was with a mild shudder. Still,
the wreck of a man has a certain something (and we don’t mean the dodgy-looking
facial stuff).

And who could he play? We’re not saying all gays are
lookers, but for a movie of someone’s life, it’s a help. And so we’re half-delighted and half-stunned by the news that it might just happen, with talk of
a movie about the life of Brit rugby star Gareth Thomas, whose coming out we’ve
covered in these pages.

It all makes sense: both muscled brutes with faces only a
mother could love. Of course, Rourke is 22 years older than the subject, but
still, CGI can do wonders these days.

The Sun newspaper has the report, saying the pair
got to chatting after being on the same chat show. Their managers, say the
paper, are keen to make it happen.

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